Thinking About Heading to SeaWorld or Swimming with Dolphins This Summer? Environmental power couple Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau discuss with Ric marine mammals in captivity and encourage you to think about a few things before making those summer vacation plans.


SeaWorld recently announced that they have stopped all breeding of orcas in captivity, thus ensuring the generation of whales currently at the parks will be the last. Globally, however, there is a growing market for wild killer whales, dolphins, and beluga whales to be used for human entertainment. These animals are frequently held in captivity […]

Is There Mounting Scientific Evidence about Life on Other Planets? On the Eve of Independence Day: Resurgence, Ric Speaks with Astrophysicist Dr. Ian O’Neill from about the Possibility of Life Beyond Earth and the Plausibility of Blockbuster Sci-Fi Movie & TV Plots

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In the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Independence Day: Resurgence opening June 24, a battalion of aliens return to Earth, threatening to obliterate the human race. Although alien invasions have long been a fixture of Hollywood movies and TV shows, are we beginning to see increasing scientific evidence that suggests the likelihood of life on other […]

Julia Schopick is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, patient advocate and award winning blogger.

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Her written work has been quoted in national print publications and she has written guest columns for the American Medical Association (AMA). Many of her articles have been posted to high traffic social media sites around the globe. Through her writings and blog,, Julia’s goal is to empower patients to make the best health choices […]

“SHARK ASSAULT: AN AMAZING STORY OF SURVIVAL” Peter Jennings and Nicole Moore The story of a brutal shark attack that cost a woman her arm and much of her leg, and her death-defying recovery.

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One of the most dreadful experiences humans fear is a shark attack. This horrifying agony is exactly what happened to Nicole Moore, a nurse from Orangeville, Ontario. It was an assault all the more brutal for being so unlikely — she was standing in waist-deep water at a Mexican resort. She came very close to […]

It’s a Star-Studded, Car Lover’s Dream. The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction is Back! Barrett-Jackson Live Starting June 23rd at 4pm ET/PT and through Saturday June 25th on Velocity and during Discovery Channel’s live coverage June 25th 12 to 3pm ET/PT Ric chats with hosts Chris Jacobs and Cristy Lee as they bring a bit of the action from the auction floor into your home.

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It’s nearly 20 hours of live coverage from the highly-anticipated Barrett-Jackson auction. More than 500 of the collector car world’s most impressive vehicles are expected to cross the block during daily coverage. As the third auction of 2016, it promises a round up of impressive vehicles from all over the globe that span nearly nine […]

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